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Discover Our Story

The Pickup opened on February the 25th in Salisbury. It is the first of a series of stores that will be opening gradually in England.
Our main focus is quality, quality and quality.

The idea of ​​creating the Pickup arose from the different needs that each of us have during the day to drink or eat something at a time when for whatever reason we are on the road or at work, combined with top quality and taste of ALL the products you will choose.

Our Qualities

The Pickup opened on February the 25th in Salisbury. It is the first of a series of stores
that will be opening gradually in England. Our main focus is quality, quality and quality.

Pickup 100% arabica especialy blend

100% Arabica blend. Perhaps the only coffee on the market that has no trace of rebouska or any other variety of espresso and is 100% pure Arabica. Hence the fact that it is incredibly sweet and the most delicious you have ever tasted. Unique for the preparation of the cream for the coffees that are with milk. But we will let you find that one out for yourself.

14 Tea Flavors

14 flavors of tea where their combinations can be seen and smelt by the customer before choosing. They consist of dried herbs, flowers and spices in excellent combinations for enjoyment that you will never forget any taste you choose.

11 Handmade pie flavours

Handmade pies in 11 flavors with hand made pastry based on traditional Greek recipes. Hot or cold, the same day or the next day their taste is top notch and the most delicious you have ever tasted.

Premium Italian Gelato

Premium Italian Gelato. Probably the best and most recognized variety of ice creams in Europe if nothing else, famous for their taste, in 12 flavors made from fresh milk.

Greek bun

The famous Greek bun plain or stuffed. Recognizable by its round shape and sesame, a unique and very tasty and filling snack.

Unforgettable treats

Chocolate delicacies, with milk or dark chocolate in 18 delicious options, specifically for unforgettable treats.

Greek Yogurt

Genuine Greek yogurt plain or with fruit. Amazing, because it is genuine, for adults and children.


Cakes small and large with great appearance, quality and flavors for you, your family and your friends. View the many flavors we have and choose whichever you like to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and what you consider important. Try them, in small or large sizes and trust us, you will be looking for a reason to celebrate every day.

Novelties Are Our Specialty

Large variety of cold-summer drinks

All our coffees and all our teas are also offered cold based on Mediterranean recipes for the highest enjoyment. We are sure that you will choose many of them for Winter as well

Syrupy sweets (baklava, kadaifi) of wonderful taste and quality based on traditional Greek recipes. If you already knew them and liked them, now you will love them. Try them with an ice cream scoop on the side as well.

Desserts with a unique quality of dark chocolate and nuts in incredible combinations that will amaze you. Unique treats for all the guests in your home.

Try an 100% Arabic espresso with gelato ice cream. You will find that taste has no limits.

We take care of you as we want the top quality of our products to reach you as fresh as possible, baking our products daily.

Our Products

Small and large cakes in 12 flavors. Excellent filling of cakes in combination with a unique appearance, quality and taste. Kids from 1-101 years old will love them and it is the best choice to make your life sweeter and the festive or important days for you more beautiful and unforgettable.

Pastries and pies in many forms and flavors to cover your every desire.

Handmade, with fresh pure olive oil and Greek feta, made based on old Greek recipes.

Tea in 14 flavors. You can see and smell the excellent blends of our teas and personalize  the taste you desire.

Dried herbs, fruits and spices compose unique flavors that you will never forget!

Probably the largest variety of treats you’ve ever seen in a store of this category. Cookies, chocolate treats, cake treats and more to choose from.

Hot or cold chocolate drinks in 6 flavors with 3 different chocolate and preparation mixes. Try them all over time and choose the one that suits you. Believe us, you will have a hard time choosing!

Coffee is just a coffee. Correct?
Not for us. Each coffee is unique and its quality and the way it is prepared can make it unique. And this … we can prove it to you no matter what coffee choice you make

What Our Clients Say

I couldn’t easily find iced cappuccino in England and here I found the best !! Every day ..

Anthony W.
I'm from Greece and I thought I would only eat good pies from my mother. I was wrong!! They are wonderful !! Well done to the people who work there !!

Marianna F.
Pies are wonderful and so delicious. You told me to try it at home without even heating it. You were right! We will be visiting, very often because I have to try many more. Thank you.
Nancy G.

Our Store

The Pickup is located in the largest and most central square of Salisbury where the town hall is located, as well as the bank branches
and the starting points of the buses. It is just 5 minutes away from the amazing Salisbury Cathedral.

United Kingdom

26 Butcher Row SP1 1EP Salisbury
(Guildhall Square)
+44 (0) 6524214874